Old Asia Photography

Book: Early Photography in Vietnam

Ref: V012020
Author: Terry Bennett
Early Photography in Vietnam, the first such historical record of its kind in English, offers a fascinating and remarkable pictorial account of photography in Vietnam during the century of French rule. In more than 500 photographs, many published here for the first time, the author records Vietnam's precarious history - from its capture and occupation by the French in the 1850s to the wide-ranging ethnicities and cultures of Vietnam, the country's fierce resistance to foreign rule, which in turn led to the reassertion of its own identity and subsequent independence in 1945.

This collector's item and scholarly sourcebook also includes a chronology of photography (1845-1954), an index of more than 240 photographers and studios in the same period, as well as special appendixes focussing on particular topics such as postcards, royal photographic portraits, cartes de visite and cabinet cards, as well as a list of illustrations and select bibliography.

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