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Catalogue: Old Japan issues (21st anniversary) catalogue #31

Ref: OJ31
Price: US$30
Author: Old Japan
58 pages in colour, 297x207mm: Old Japan's 21st anniversary colour catalogue #31 was issued in September 2003. It contains 77 high-quality photographic items. A few copies are still available. It includes: photographs of the 1894/95 Sino-Japanese War;19th Century manuscript biography of Uchida Kuichi written by a former apprentice; Wilhelm Burger - 1869 Japanese art photos; 1891 Earthquake photos attributed to Ogawa Kazumasa; rare Kobe photo album from 1890s by resident photographer, H.E. Bottlewalla; large postcard collection of Japan; Kyoto photos by Ichida Sota; 1873 photos of site of Ueno Park prior to establishment; 2 four-part panoramas of Bangkok, 1904, by Isonaga Kaishu; first photograph ever taken of a Japanese Emperor -clandestinely by Stillfried, 1872; 'The Far East' a volume from Oct.1876-Nov.1877; 1959 Nagoya Typhoon; Japanese Entertainers Abroad, a collection; 1923 Earthquake, 40 photos; Russo-Japanese War, photo collection; photographs of first lighthouses in Japan; album of Japanese Flowers, c.1890; photos of William Adams' connected sites; grave of Hendrik Heusken; Ainu collection; Shimooka Renjo collection of 6 Yokohama photos; Yokoyama Matsusaburo 4 photos; HSBC Bank, collection of photos of buildings & staff from Yokohama c.1900; Uchida Kuichi collection of 34 photos; Kajima Seibei-3 photos; fine Stillfried album of over 60 photos; collection of 40 graphic photos of 1910 Manchurian Plague; collection of 1860 photos of Japanese Embassy to US; rare studio of Kanamaru Genzo-2 photos; rare commemorative photo album of Japanese participation in 1936 Berlin Olympics; photo of last Shogun by Frederick Sutton; small collection of Felix Beato photos.

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