Old Asia Photography

Book: Old Japanese Photographs: Collectors’ Data Guide

Ref: OJP
Author: Terry Bennett
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Published by Bernard Quaritch Ltd., London, 2006. 255x180mm, 308pp, hard-back in blue cloth, pictorial dust-jacket, approx. 110 monochrome photographs and 120 other illustrations.

If you are interested in the field of old Japanese photographs as a collector, researcher, dealer, curator or auction house then this book is, quite simply, indispensable. The author has written on and researched the subject for many years and has brought together in one volume the results of exciting new research and also data which has been gathered from long-forgotten and largely inaccessible nineteenth-century sources. Souvenir photographs of Japan, mostly hand-coloured, are extremely collectible today. However, it is usually very difficult to identify the photographer or studio from where they originated. Provided here is a list of more than 4000 such photographs which greatly assists the identification process. Finally, a unique index of over 350 photographers and publishers of Japan-related stereoviews is also included.

Important features:

  • collection of old and new articles on vintage Japanese photography
  • new discoveries presented here for the first time
  • important lists and data guides for novice and expert alike
  • over 4000 photographs identified by studio
  • an index of more than 350 photographers and publishers of  Japan-related stereoviews
  • fascinating section illustrating numerous old studio advertisements
  • and much, much more...

A new sister-publication to Terry Bennett’s Photography in Japan: 1853-1912.

Using, copying, or distributing computer images of old photographs or pictures without permission is strictly prohibited.