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​Souvenir Albums - Numbers List and Attribution Issues​

​Throughout the whole of the Meiji period and beyond, many studios in Japan issued souvenir albums of photographs. Unfortunately, many of these albums did not indicate the name of the studio. It was, therefore, difficult to attribute authorship of the images to either a particular studio or photographer. However, the vast majority of the photographs displayed descriptive captions and numbers on the face of the prints. A small percentage of the albums did indicate the studio - with a title page or the name and address wet-stamped onto the back of the front cover. Starting in the early 1980s, I began to record the captions and numbers of those photographs contained in albums whose studios were identified. I also started to document those albums which were not identified. In those days Japanese souvenir albums were relatively common. Within a few years, I was able to list photographs appearing in several hundreds of albums. Number patterns quickly emerged, and I was able to identify an increasing number of studios. I published the results in my 1996 book Early Japanese Images where some 1,200 photographs were matched with their studios. In 2006 I published an expanded list of 4,000 in Old Japanese Photographs: Collectors’ Data Guide. If you are interested in that list you can CLICK HERE to download the full PDF. These have been further supplemented below. However, many gaps remain and a few studios are yet to be identified. In producing the list below, I would like to encourage anyone with numbers which do not appear to send in a copy so that they may be added. This would help collectors, researchers and photo-historians.
Studio Number Description Comments
ENAMI T. (Studio) 505 [Back of Tattooed Man leaning on fence]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 513 Japanese Funeral
ENAMI T. (Studio) 523 Picking up Tea
ENAMI T. (Studio) 528 Farmer's Tourist
ENAMI T. (Studio) 529 Rounding and clearing rice
ENAMI T. (Studio) 530 Rice Picking
ENAMI T. (Studio) 532 Japanese Rooms
ENAMI T. (Studio) 533 Feet Mill of Rice
ENAMI T. (Studio) 536 [Preparing rice for packing]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 540 Jinrikisha
ENAMI T. (Studio) 542 Picking Tea
ENAMI T. (Studio) 543 Marriage
ENAMI T. (Studio) 548 Playing Shamisen
ENAMI T. (Studio) 551 Japanese Ketchin
ENAMI T. (Studio) 553 Japanese High Priest
ENAMI T. (Studio) 554 [Nine No. 9 girls]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 559 [Sweet-wine seller]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 560 Curio Store
ENAMI T. (Studio) 561 [Basket Store]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 562 Basket Makers
ENAMI T. (Studio) 564 Broom Seller
ENAMI T. (Studio) 567 Priest
ENAMI T. (Studio) 571 Jinrikisha
ENAMI T. (Studio) 595 [Group of Ainu Sitting]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 601 Biwa Lake, Ishiyama
ENAMI T. (Studio) 609 Wheat Gluten-Seller
ENAMI T. (Studio) 611 Woman spinning
ENAMI T. (Studio) 626 Finishing raw silk
ENAMI T. (Studio) 634 [Woman playing Koto]]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 648 [Geisha Playing Shamisen]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 655 [4 geisha, one standing]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 656 [Hair dressing]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 661 [9 women on zabuton]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 662 [Young Geisha with Umbrellas] (See Fig. 34)
ENAMI T. (Studio) 675 [Girl with Umbrella in Snow]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 678 Ginza Street at Tokyo
ENAMI T. (Studio) 681 Cherry Blossom Yokohama
ENAMI T. (Studio) 685 Nogeyama
ENAMI T. (Studio) 687 [Girl in rickshaw]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 695 [2 sleeping women]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 698 [2 girls bowing to each other]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 700 [Geisha arranging flowers]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 716 [2 women with umbrella, one smoking]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 735 [wrestlers]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 752 Salted Fish Shop
ENAMI T. (Studio) 753 Toy Shop
ENAMI T. (Studio) 760 [Firemen exhibition]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 764 Garden Tokio
ENAMI T. (Studio) 767 [Geisha in a Garden]
ENAMI T. (Studio) 769 [8 Geisha Relaxing]
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