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​Souvenir Albums - Numbers List and Attribution Issues​

​Throughout the whole of the Meiji period and beyond, many studios in Japan issued souvenir albums of photographs. Unfortunately, many of these albums did not indicate the name of the studio. It was, therefore, difficult to attribute authorship of the images to either a particular studio or photographer. However, the vast majority of the photographs displayed descriptive captions and numbers on the face of the prints. A small percentage of the albums did indicate the studio - with a title page or the name and address wet-stamped onto the back of the front cover. Starting in the early 1980s, I began to record the captions and numbers of those photographs contained in albums whose studios were identified. I also started to document those albums which were not identified. In those days Japanese souvenir albums were relatively common. Within a few years, I was able to list photographs appearing in several hundreds of albums. Number patterns quickly emerged, and I was able to identify an increasing number of studios. I published the results in my 1996 book Early Japanese Images where some 1,200 photographs were matched with their studios. In 2006 I published an expanded list of 4,000 in Old Japanese Photographs: Collectors’ Data Guide. If you are interested in that list you can CLICK HERE to download the full PDF. These have been further supplemented below. However, many gaps remain and a few studios are yet to be identified. In producing the list below, I would like to encourage anyone with numbers which do not appear to send in a copy so that they may be added. This would help collectors, researchers and photo-historians.
Studio Number Description Comments
ENAMI T. (Studio) 209 Kazagacira
ENAMI T. (Studio) 210 Kajiyamachi
ENAMI T. (Studio) 211 Hamanoma(c)hi
ENAMI T. (Studio) 212 Hindaikumachi
ENAMI T. (Studio) 213 Oswa Temple
ENAMI T. (Studio) 215 Oswa Temple
ENAMI T. (Studio) 218 Oswa Temple
ENAMI T. (Studio) 219 Oswa Temple
ENAMI T. (Studio) 220 Oswa Park
ENAMI T. (Studio) 221 Oswa Park
ENAMI T. (Studio) 222 Tea House of Oswa Park
ENAMI T. (Studio) 225 Nakashima
ENAMI T. (Studio) 226 Nakasima Tea House
ENAMI T. (Studio) 227 Fumatagawa
ENAMI T. (Studio) 232 Sofukuji
ENAMI T. (Studio) 236 Nagasaki Harbor
ENAMI T. (Studio) 237 Nagasaki Harbor
ENAMI T. (Studio) 239 Oura Bund
ENAMI T. (Studio) 241 Dejima
ENAMI T. (Studio) 242 Oura
ENAMI T. (Studio) 243 Oura
ENAMI T. (Studio) 244 Oura
ENAMI T. (Studio) 246 Meeting House at Nagasaki
ENAMI T. (Studio) 247 Oura Hotel
ENAMI T. (Studio) 249 Naminosira
ENAMI T. (Studio) 250 Nagasaki Harbor
ENAMI T. (Studio) 251 Nagasaki (Tategami Dock)
ENAMI T. (Studio) 252 Inasa (Man in a Boat)
ENAMI T. (Studio) 254 Akunoura
ENAMI T. (Studio) 255 Mogi (View of the Bay)
ENAMI T. (Studio) 256 Mogi
ENAMI T. (Studio) 257 Mogi
ENAMI T. (Studio) 258 Mogi
ENAMI T. (Studio) 259 Mogi Road
ENAMI T. (Studio) 260 Obama
ENAMI T. (Studio) 261 Obama
ENAMI T. (Studio) 265 Kojikoku Hot Spring
ENAMI T. (Studio) 267 Nagasaki (Harbor)
ENAMI T. (Studio) 268 Takaboko
ENAMI T. (Studio) 270b Kobe
ENAMI T. (Studio) 271 Nunobiki Waterfall Kobe
ENAMI T. (Studio) 272 Nunobiki Waterfall Kobe
ENAMI T. (Studio) 273 Swayama
ENAMI T. (Studio) 275 Bund Kobe
ENAMI T. (Studio) 276 Kobe Bund
ENAMI T. (Studio) 277 Kobe Railway
ENAMI T. (Studio) 279 Moon Temple Mayasan
ENAMI T. (Studio) 280 Kiyomizu at Kioto
ENAMI T. (Studio) 282 Gojhozaka
ENAMI T. (Studio) 283 Maruyama
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