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Rob Oeschle's T. (Nobukuni) Enami Photo Site

This is perhaps the most interesting and attractive site on the web for Meiji-era photography. Although dedicated to the work and life of the highly talented Enami Nobukuni (1859-1929), its author, Rob Oechsle, a Japanese photo-historian and THE expert on Enami, also looks at the work of Enami's contemporaries such as Kusakabe Kimbei and Tamamura Kozaburo. Oechsle argues, convincingly, that Enami should be considered as one of the 'greats' of Japanese photography. Countless images by Enami are shown, mostly coloured. Oeschle is planning a book on Enami and this promises to be a major contribution to the field. This 5-star site is highly recommended.


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