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Unknown Photographer
Ref: 01143
From a series of some sixty views taken in and around Peking in October 1874. The views were released under two different titles: Views In China and also American Views. The authorship can be attributed to one or more of the American members of the 1874 Transit of Ven ... <more>
Burton, William K.
Ref: 01124
​Photograph by Professor William Kinninmond Burton (1856�99)one of the most technically competent photographers to have visited Japan. Prior to arriving in 1887, his book, Burton�s Modern Photography (1885) had just gone through its seventh edition. A few years later, in 1892, another of his books, ... <more>
Ogawa Sashichi
Ref: 01125
​The photograph has Ogawa Sashichi's studio address printed on the reverse. Ogawa Sashichi was a Yokohama-based photographer who was married to Kusakabe Kimbei�s daughter Matsu, and was expected to succeed Kusakabe whose own son had shown no interest in the business. It was thought that Ogawa set up ... <more>
Beato, Felix
Ref: 01126
​Exceptionally rare view of the newly-opened racecourse and grandstand. Opened in 1866, this is the earliest view we have seen of this venue. Captioned in pencil on the reverse: 'View on the New Road, shewing the Race Course & Grand Stand.' Important historical photograph.​
Beato, Felix
Ref: 01127
​together with printed caption: 'No.69. Japanese house-boat and crew.'
Sutton, Frederick (attributed to)
Ref: 01132
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