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Japan - Suzuki Shinichi Photo Studios

Ref: 00538

Suzuki Shinichi

​An important group of 12 vintage albumen photographs from the Suzuki family of studios, ca. 1883-92, with 10 cabinet ( 165 x 109mm) and 2 carte de visite portraits of the Arthur Brent family and friends. The photographs are in generally excellent condition and all have the Suzuki studio imprints. One of the cabinet photographs is hand coloured. There has been considerable confusion in the past concerning the relationships between the photographer members of the Suzuki family and the locations of their various studios. The picture now emerging is that Suzuki Shinichi I (1835-1919) operated a Yokohama studio from 1873 until 1892 when he retired and was succeeded by his son, Izaburo [I.S.Suzuki]. Okamoto Keizo (1855-1912) married Suzuki Shinichi�s daughter in 1873 and became known as Suzuki Shinichi II. He initially operated a studio in Nagoya but then spent a year in America studying modern photographic techniques. In 1880 or 81 he returned and opened a new studio in Tokyo which was effectively the branch of the Suzuki studio in Yokohama. Suzuki Shinichi II would become very successful until around 1896 when his business got into severe financial difficulties. Izaburo took over at that stage. This group of photographs is interesting because they were taken in both the Yokohama and Tokyo studios and the props shown give important aids to future attributions. A number of them are helpfully dated and one, in particular, is dated March, 1892 and was taken in the Yokohama studio in the year that Izaburo assumed control. His name is in fact printed on the front of the cabinet card.​

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