Old Asia Photography

Korea - Korean Exiles, Vladivostok

Ref: 01476

Clark, D.R.

​Very rare. Printed on reverse: 'Asiatic and Tropical Views, by D.R. Clark, Chief Photographer, With Transit of Venus Party to Russian Station, 1874'. There then follows a list of 36 views from the series of which this is No. 10. 'Manchurians'. In fact this view -  as do a number of others from this series -  represents a Korean community living, almost certainly, in Vladivostok. This series represents the earliest known views of Koreans in 3-D. Daniel Russell Clark (1831-1895) was born in Connecticut, USA. He appears to have first registered as a photographer in 1862 in Indiana. Clark was selected as the chief photographer with the American 1874 Transit of Venus expedition, assigned to the Russian station at Vladivostok (see Simon Newcomb, ed., Observations of the Transit of Venus, December 8–9, 1874, part 2, 1881, p. 4). Clark also took photographs in Japan on his way to Russia and at Shanghai, Singapore and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)on his voyage home. He was able to turn these into a stereoview series of at least sixty-four views which he published on his return, marketed under the title Asiatic and Tropical Views. 

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