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Japan - A Japanese House

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Burton, William K.

​Photograph by Professor William Kinninmond Burton (1856�99)one of the most technically competent photographers to have visited Japan. Prior to arriving in 1887, his book, Burton�s Modern Photography (1885) had just gone through its seventh edition. A few years later, in 1892, another of his books, Practical Guide to Photography, would be published and remain in print for many years. In 1889 he founded the Photographic Society of Japan (Nihon Shashin Kyokai), and an announcement of its inaugural meeting on May 10th, 1889, was given in the form of a letter from Burton to the editor of the Japan Mail, which was published in the weekly edition on May 11th. Burton also formed mutually beneficial relationships with key Japanese photographers such as Ogawa Kazumasa and Kajima Seibei, and in 1893 organized the first international photographic exhibition to be held in Japan. Original photographs by Burton are extremely rare.

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