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Dutton & Michaels
Ref: 01533
Rare image from this short-lived studio in Guangzhou (Canton).  Sylvester Dutton (1824–1866) and Vincent Michaels (c.1832–1864)   When the professional photographers Sylvester Dutton and Vincent Michaels left San Francisco together for China in the spring of 1863, their ... <more>
Harris, Thomas Bradley
Ref: 01526
​An important historical image of the American soldier and mercenary who fought for the Qing Army under Frederick Townsend Ward against the Taiping rebels in the early 1860s. According to Caleb Carr in his 1992 biography of Ward, The Devil Soldier, the only known likeness of Burgevine appe ... <more>
Wiebeking, E.A.
Ref: 01525
​​An exceptionally rare photograph from this short-lived Hong Kong studio.The 1865 China Directory lists ‘E. Wiebeking, photographer, Stanley Street.’  Wiebeking subsequently formed a partnership with W. G. Cearns in early 1866.  On 4th January 1866 the Hongkong Daily ... <more>
Suzuki Shinichi
Ref: 01524
​It looks very much as though the shrewd editor of The Far East,John Black, commissioned this series in the early 1870s, and this would support his claim, in the July 1873 edition that “we have already in possession photographs of ‘groups of the people’ from life, sufficient for our work for th ... <more>
Ref: 01523
​We have not come across this rare image before. The subject is thought to be from the 1863/64 embassy to France. ​
Uchida Kuichi
Ref: 01521
​Very rare, image selected for, illustrated and identified in the 1925 'The Asahigraph Special Photographic Centenary Number'. Arguably Japan's finest 19th-century photographer.
Shimooka Renjo
Ref: 01520
​Important and rare print from the 1871 series taken in the grounds of Edo Castle. Shimooka took some 145 photographs at this time. He failed to get permision from the authorities to offer them on the general market and therefore sold them off to foreigners. How many ... <more>
Dupin, Charles
Ref: 01518
​Mounted on yellow card with printed caption and publisher's imprint 'Chine Et Japon. Collection L. L. Paris'. Published by Leon & Levy, Paris. Rare series photographed in Japan in 1861. This is number 26.
Unknown Photographer
Ref: 01517
​​The same subject is shown in a photograph in the Tropenmuseum, Netherlands, ref: TM-60001380 under the title "Groepsfoto van Siamesen". See item 01516. The man shown is presumably the husband of the subject here. Both are included in the Tropenmuseum photo above.​
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