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Child, Thomas
Extremely rare vintage photograph signed by the photographer in the negative. The print is in excellent condition although slightly pale; the only other copy we have seen of this print also exhibited the same lack of contrast. Thomas Child (1841-98)was an engineer emp ... <more>
Medium: Albumen print
Mount: Contemporary mount
Dimensions: 208 x 151mm
Year: 1880s
Ref: 00593
Price: US$3000
Parker, Charles
Charles Parker (after Charles Wirgman), c.1863-67, vintage photograph, in very good condition, signed by Wirgman in the negative. On 6 August 1863, Wirgman accompanied the British squadron on its punitive expedition to Kagoshima, which was in retaliation for the murder of the British merchant, Charl ... <more>
Medium: Albumen print
Mount: Unmounted
Dimensions: 164 x 275mm
Year: c.1863-67
Ref: 00233
Price: US$900
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