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Honiss, Albert
Ref: 01467
​Contemporary ink writing on reverse of photo: Servant Girl Manila May 68. Apparently, very little is known of British photographer Albert Honiss' studio in Manila. The Straits Times 26 July 1862 (p.4) announces the opening that day in Singapore of the W.H.Honiss studio. Preliminary resear ... <more>
Woodbury & Page
Ref: 01465
​ Printed on reverse: Woodbury & Page, Photographers Java. Image is c.1868.
Gsell, Emile
Ref: 01464
​Stunning and rare image of Cambodia's queen wearing Western dress. The photographer, Emile Gsell (1838-1879), was an important early photographer in French Indo-China. This image was taken between 1866 and 1872.  
Burton, William K.
Ref: 01124
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